Why is Vitamin B12 Important?......

Why is Vitamin B12 Important?


Vitamin B12 is something we need but cannot produce for ourselves. We ingest it naturally via certain food products, and it's also available as a supplement and in some cases by injection. There are many reasons why the body needs vitamin B12; it helps the nerve cells function normally, it is required for the formation of red blood cells and DNA synthesis. It need also helps with energy levels and memory function as well as helping to prevent heart disease.


Good for Mood


Mental health is something fat people seem reluctant to talk about, but depression and anxiety affect many people across the world. Vitamin B12 may be able to improve your mood. That is because it synthesises and metabolise is serotonin, which is one of the main chemicals responsible for how our mood presents. Therefore, if you suffer from depression or often feel blue, it is worth trying a vitamin B12 supplement.


Tired All the Time?


Tired all the time is shortened to TATT By doctors up and down the country and is often found on patient notes. While there are many different medical reasons for feeling tired all the time, a lack of vitamin B12 can also explain why you lack energy and generally sluggish. If you already have enough vitamin B12 in your system, this will not be the answer for you, but if you try vitamin B12 and you do feel more energised it is likely you will low in the 1st place. Generally, GP's will want to test your blood to see precisely what your vitamin B12 level is. Some people have conditions such as anaemia that will make you feel tired all the time and is treated by an injection of vitamin B12 periodically.


Bone Health


The bone density levels of adults fall naturally as we age. Some other reasons and drugs used to treat other conditions can contribute to a lower bone density younger than expected. Chemotherapy drugs one example, therefore taking vitamin B12 can help guard against osteoporosis which is the medical term for bone density levels falling. If you are always low in vitamin B12, then you are also at risk of developing osteoporosis, and this is especially true in women.


Vitamin B12 Deficiency


One of the biggest reasons that people are vitamin B12 deficiency is age. It becomes more common once you pass the age of 60. There are other reasons such as having Crohn's disease or celiac disease, all those who have had bariatric surgery, for example, gastric bypass. If you choose not to eat meat and animal products you can suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency, as can those people who need to take metformin which is a common drug for people living with diabetes. For most people taking vitamin B12 supplements will help with all of these problems, but for some people absorbing vitamin B12 is difficult. Then, in this case, your doctor may recommend you switch to the intermuscular injections.


You can increase your vitamin B12 uptake using diet, but it is only found in animal products. You may find some cereals, and plant-based milk is fortified with vitamin B12, but the best natural source by far is animal products.