Well, that's what we always seem to hear. We read or hear this all the time; on social media, in the papers, from your parents, from your dieting work colleagues, from breakfast product marketing, and from health

Omega 3 is a valuable substance which the body benefits from regular absorption of. Getting Omega 3 is usually something you can do from the likes of fish, but you can also take a supplement. 

Zinc is one of those things which is really important for the human body, but you may not appreciate why. What a...........

Vitamin B12 is something we need but cannot produce for ourselves. We ingest it naturally via certain food products, and it's also available as a supplement and in some cases by injection. There are many reasons 

Vitamin C is a vital addition to the body, but it is not something it produces naturally. It's water-soluble, which is an advantage cause if you take too much vitamin C, you

Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin. When we're exposed to the sunshine, our bodies can produce vitamin D. However, the climate in many countries can mean we don't get enough vitamin D without supplementing it in some way. Vitamin D has many health benefits and is responsible for helping our bones remain healthy, having strong teeth, and staving off potential conditions such as type one diabetes.

You are more than what you eat. In fact, a great deal of who you are is determined by the 100 trillion bacteria that live in your digestive tract. Some are good for you and some are bad. Ideally, you want to do all you can to foster the growth of positive bacteria and tip the scale toward healthy digestive functions. Here's what you need to know. Benefits of a Healthy Gut There are many benefits of maintaining a healthy digestive system, and, in the reverse, many hazards associated with an unhealthy gut. On the positive side,...